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  1. Yes you can it's fine as long as you're not double bleaching. Make sure there's no orange at all in your hair or the purple will not turn out purple at all

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 29/03/2018

  2. ...only live for a matter of hours without blood. The ones you cut off will die unless they find another host fast.) You an try cutting it to a few ...

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 31/03/2018

  3. The first thing you should do before dying your hair is to bleach it also known as hair lighteners...

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 24/09/2017

  4. ...of its ability to recoil and from there it just breaks off . Stay away from products that say " notice them. Wait at least 2 weeks before dying it after a perm.

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 02/09/2017

  5. ... you can use synthetics over henna products as well, colors may be off and henna can be hard to remove, but it certainly won't cause scary chemical...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 25/08/2017

  6. ...present in nearly every dye because it is what gives off the colour,” she explains. Google... into coma after a reaction to hair dye has died after a year. Updated 11-25-12. The woman...

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 28/07/2017

  7. ...put my hair in protective braids and stopped heating and dying it.

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 07/07/2017

  8. As long as you washed your hands before eating those chips you'll be fine. What's on your hands is probably just a stain from the dye itself, not chemical residue. If you really feel bad then drink a glass of water, but you should...

    4 Answers · Beauty & Style · 29/06/2017

  9. Yes, it will. Eat healthy, take vitamins, massage your hair

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 22/06/2017

  10. ...also try hair oil treatment. Next time test a small section on you skin prior to dying your hair.

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 30/05/2017

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