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  1. ...tell them anything” because a week or few later they died in a crash i think, this story stuck with me and i’ve never been to see...

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 26/02/2019

  2. I actually once for my cousin cousin he die in wrong way crash

    26 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 18/02/2019

  3. It is stupid and dangerous. Your body needs nutrients to survive, and crash dieting will actually work against weight loss as your body will go into 'survival mode' and hold onto weight to prevent starvation.

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 16/02/2019

  4. depends on what i was dealing with ... if it was a selfless act of good by 'the evil' yeah i suppose so .. if i was then expected to be indebted to hunt babies, maybe not so much ..

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 10/02/2019

  5. ... that was just hobby racing, and after a rather nasty high speed crash I gave it up. I still modify my personal vehicles...

    10 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/02/2019

  6. Ree, I assume you have Asperger's - perhaps you are at the lower end of the autism scale (which you've indicated). Now run along and play somewhere else.

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 11/02/2019

  7. the end of what? the big crash? the bottom fell out? nuclear winter? zombie apocalypse? the great big survivalist jack...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 29/01/2019

  8. No. It takes much more energy to make something fly and I've already had cars crash into my trees and neighbors fence; I don't need them crashing through my roof

    11 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 02/01/2019

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