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  1. yes because they wouldn't be able to stand up after being murdered

    11 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 15/06/2009

  2. Yea ik its crazy. But we use that site like $hit.. I don't think my dad can live w/o it.. but its mainly only women who get killed. they should say they're men and dress as a man when they meet the buyer!! :)

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 10/06/2009

  3. No one is perfect.

    6 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 09/05/2009

  4. She's an IDIOT!!! I would tell him to get lost and then change my phone number and move!!!!!!!

    5 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 04/05/2009

  5. Craigslist is a place where you can sell things to other people in your area...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 25/04/2009

  6. ... who advertised their massage/erotic services on craigslist. A couple of years ago, a young woman was tragically murdered, in an unrelated case, where the woman was applying for a 'nanny'...

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 22/04/2009

  7. ...child kidnapped or worse. I read about a nanny that was murdered from an ad on Craigslist. Read about it here

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 22/03/2008

  8. Well, i've seen a lot stranger things on that site!!

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 31/01/2008

  9. ...mother that set up the fake account should be tried for murder. Although she didn't actually kill that poor really want to read some thoughts on this go to and click on the St. Louis section and go...

    20 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 18/11/2007

  10. Yes it is terrible.Lets not let this tradgedy be for nothing.Please!People,lets use our common sense when it comes to things like this. I'm not saying that she didn't.I just want to let others know so they remember...

    10 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 01/11/2007

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