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  1. The Confederacy is a defacto form of white identity, so the Left is instantly and totally against it in every way possible.

    6 Answers · Society & Culture · 04/07/2019

  2. If the confederate flag offends them because of slavery then the pride flag offends me because i'm a christian.

    16 Answers · Politics & Government · 10/07/2019

  3. Yes they should. It's an injustice to keep them prisoner

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 05/02/2019

  4. ...carry yourself that matters. Not your stickers. Confederate flag stickers are very common in the south, except a lot of libs...

    10 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/10/2019

  5. I guess the democrats who started the Klan were mostly illiterate. ~ Go Figure ~ Did you know every person (both black and white) who was tortured or killed by the KKK was a republican

    11 Answers · Politics & Government · 20/05/2019

  6. ...poor work ethic. The cross burners and flag wavers (especially Confederate flag wavers) are their inbred children, young enough to have...

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 06/08/2019

  7. The flag code is not enforced or punishable by anything. As long as it is your flag, you can do what you want with it and no level of government can say or do anything. But your neighbors can.

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 02/07/2019

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