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  1. the tenements of Brooklyn. This book is not really completely about the events in the... are not big or great at all, but mostly common things written with an impeccable simple style that...

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 02/12/2009

  2. ... deeply all through to the end of the test. If you need a book go to the public library and ask for a book about relaxation of stress. This is a relaxation technique from Yoga. It works. Good luck.

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 06/11/2011

  3. I know that i have a great book on my hands when i completely lose track of time, and all i think about is reading my book that's a good read.

    6 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 01/03/2009

  4. It's too common , how about: Love Can Be Hell? Or something along that, make the title original, and good , the title, book cover, and synopsis which is the story's background always captures the...

    12 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 21/06/2010

  5. I would suggest any book that enjoys the status of being a classic , e.g. Don ... Nightland by William Hope Hodgson . Good luck and good reading ! :0)

    13 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 12/04/2008

  6. ... very good too. The Lovely Bones is also a good book , I think the book is even better than the movie actually. I...

    3 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 21/06/2011

  7. the book of shadows :).....ok i know it sounds silly but go to a book store...there REALLY is a book of shadows. for the first time i'm not goofin! really!!

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 16/09/2011

  8. All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 21/09/2009

  9. i think thats a common misconception that films are rarely as good as their books . it happens a lot these ...make quite serious edits to the book that even the writers ...

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 04/03/2009

  10. Common goods are defined in economics as goods which...whether it is possible to exclude a person from consumption of the goods (excludability) the category of goods and services...

    3 Answers · Social Science · 18/12/2009

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