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  1. The closest would have to be either the, Siberian Husky.

    6 Answers · Pets · 18/12/2008

  2. The eyes and ears are sealed closed because they are still developing. The gestation time is...

    4 Answers · Pets · 15/05/2011

  3. The 1st closing date, is the official closing date. the 2nd date, is for...anything. In the future, send in your entries before the 1st closing date. Unlike AKC, you don't have to overnight your ...

    4 Answers · Pets · 27/03/2013

  4. Door closed, crate by the bed with night light on so puppy can see you and be reassured...

    9 Answers · Pets · 02/08/2009

  5. Rats, in terms of temperament and personality, are definitely very close to dogs. They're playful, affectionate, extremely loyal, demand lots...

    10 Answers · Pets · 14/08/2008

  6. Closed is more dangerous for a couple of reasons. One is that...cavity. A noticeably distended abdomen usually only accompanies a closed pyometra.

    4 Answers · Pets · 26/10/2013

  7. If it's still holding, then likely it will continue to hold. Closed hip reduction can be successful in a select number of cases where the joint...

    2 Answers · Pets · 29/12/2013

  8. ...way to bond with them. I volunteered at an animal shelter for close to 2 years socializing and training the puppies and...

    6 Answers · Pets · 11/07/2011

  9. aww i totally understand your feelings i was very close with my minature poodle here too we were inseperable. i only left him...

    7 Answers · Pets · 14/06/2010

  10. Closest is almost undoubtedly the Techichi - it is the only one that... we know today. The Fennec Fox is not a close relative at all - they are an entirely different genus than the domestic dog (...

    1 Answers · Pets · 13/11/2011

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