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  1. Agreed. That's why he fits right in at FrightFart.

    5 Answers · Environment · 25/02/2018

  2. I dont read Britbart, too much politics, but notalotofpeopleknowthant is one of my favourites which I have bookmarked.

    4 Answers · Environment · 08/11/2015

  3. ...if the damage to birds is less than that suggested by the Breitbart article it is still a major problem but one that the so called ...

    20 Answers · Environment · 08/07/2015

  4. Perfectly normal practice in the UK. Someone who is being investigated or is the subject of an inquiry routinely steps down - happens in the medical profession, the legal profession, the educational profession, the police, the military, everywhere...

    6 Answers · Environment · 07/12/2009

  5. http://www. breitbart .com/Big-Government/2014/10/13/Hagel-Climate-...

    6 Answers · Environment · 15/10/2014

  6. Your link didn't work for me http://www. breitbart .com/big-government/2017/05/09/barack-obama-eating-more-steaks-...

    10 Answers · Environment · 10/05/2017

  7. Something like this? http://www. breitbart .com/article.php?id=070705025637.vyh5u7g0&show_article=1 or this:

    4 Answers · Environment · 12/07/2007

  8. Pegminer, So it is a credibility issue? So let's take two stances. 1.) It is an isolated incidence or simply a man who is making out one article's rejection to mean more than it does, either truthfully or deceitfully. 2...

    15 Answers · Environment · 16/05/2014

  9. Black lives matter has never cared about black lives in the first place. They are an ultra-left wing propaganda machine that is crippling the black community with their asinine rhetoric. I am convinced...

    5 Answers · Environment · 07/09/2016

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