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  1. You have to be a sycophantic ideologue, or have near zero critical thinking abilities to counteract unabashed conservative rhetoric(like Fox News) to vote for him at this point .

    7 Answers · News & Events · 14/08/2020

  2. You should try reading something lighter.That fiction stuff will give you nightmares.

    4 Answers · News & Events · 24/10/2010

  3. ... girls. I challenge everyone who reads this to go back and review some of the rhetoric spewed out by the Nazis back in the 30s, particularly in such publications as...

    9 Answers · News & Events · 19/02/2008

  4. ... to honor their Oath of Office--- to "protect and defend the Constitution from...two Republican Senators (at least until 2020 's ouster in the election): Roy Blunt and the new ...

    1 Answers · News & Events · 23/12/2019

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