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  1. There's people being brutalized and killed all over Libya and your only angle on it is how horrible Americans are. So typical of the simpleton Commonwealthers.

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 05/03/2011

  2. Go to a Service Canada centre and tell them the problem. they will be able to help you.

    5 Answers · Business & Finance · 11/03/2009

  3. ...will feud with Amazing Red. Tag Titles Motor City MachineGuns would feud with Generation Me Samoa...

    7 Answers · Sports · 08/09/2010

  4. ... Angeles with Houston as the most smog ridden city in America. Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 21/11/2007

  5. ... would of course be a complete disaster for America. He would bankrupt America just like he did to Atlantic City . Stiffing and groping people left and right.

    7 Answers · Sports · 05/11/2016

  6. its funny how so many call for the attack of iran and love what israels doing. these same people scream when gas hits $4 a gallon. they fail to realise that if we just turn iran to a car park like so many would love that oil would hit around $300 a barrel as one of the biggest producers...

    10 Answers · Politics & Government · 31/12/2008

  7. ...a ferry between the City of Toronto and New York City . The one that ran between Toronto and the south side of Lake Ontario went bankrupt due to lack of business.

    3 Answers · Travel · 15/06/2008

  8. ..., Jefferson County, City of Central Falls, Solyndra, Abound Solar... All Bankrupt .

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 16/12/2013

  9. ... ) that they owned. Now if you're asking why the city of Detroit is bankrupt , that is another question entirely but it does not belong in the CARS...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 07/03/2014

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