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  1. Buffett is a VALUE investor.....he buys stocks and companies that will be "No.1" NEXT, not companies that are already Number One... He has a net worth of $39B, and...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 06/11/2016

  2. Not a bad effort, religion & male dominance go hand in hand though, God made it pretty clear where he thinks a woman’s place is. We need to rise above, God, Jesus & Santa, also wishing people would disappear from the face of the earth.

    1 Answers · Social Science · 21/03/2017

  3. ... Industrials American Express Co. AXP Consumer Finance AppleAAPL Consumer ...

    9 Answers · Business & Finance · 25/07/2015

  4. Are you sure you even needed to register the gift card? I've never had to do that for other ones.

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 27/03/2014

  5. Yes that will be enough, but I would spend a little extra and at least get a corsair brand psu or if you want the best get a seasonic psu. I would not get that Xion psu. You need something very reliable for those expensive components, don't ever skimp out on a power supply or you will regret...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 25/12/2013

  6. Hi Adrian, Downloaded quotes are no longer in Real-Time. If you have any concerns, please share them on our Suggestion Board for better visibility. https://yahoo...

    2 Answers · Yahoo Products · 08/12/2013

  7. Seeing how Zedo is a advertising platform, you could try AdBlockPlus. It is totally free

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 26/11/2013

  8. ... fact, I'll bet you used American Express. AXP is a billing code for American Express. AVS...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 14/10/2013

  9. ...x. Then s = ax and n = bx for some integers a and b, so we have axp = r + qbx; hence r = x (ap - qb) and so x | r. So the condition is that...

    1 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 23/10/2013

  10. WMT is good, it should be around 20 years from now. Buy a few micro/small cap stock. I can't recommend anyone here because the last time that I did, I got hate mail from these people, accusing me of prompting a stock. It...

    3 Answers · Business & Finance · 14/09/2013

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