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  1. They should be there, but it they arent there by Christmas, im sure you could complain and get like a giftcard or something. But just incase keep your email confirming that they willl be there.

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 23/02/2011

  2. you would be cutting it close with standard shipping, better off with a quicker shipping method to be sure that you have them on time. They have to receive your order, process it, fill it, package it, ship it, so it could take longer than a week with standard...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/02/2009

  3. Check online, they list their songs sometimes.

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 01/01/2011

  4. yup, they usually have around $25-$15 discount on jeans after christmas, and also free shipping.

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 25/12/2011

  5. depends on how much he likes redskins, but ae is the way to go cause he can get whatever he likes (:

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 19/01/2009

  6. yes there open the only places closed are schools and government type place like post office

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 18/01/2009

  7. I don't wear brands and logos on my self. I don't follow trends. That's just not me.

    20 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/04/2008

  8. A lot of guys have about 5-7 shirts total...that they wear through the course of the week. If you can go through what your BF wears a lot, and then find someting in a different color or style, he might actually appreciate it. Sale racks in AE are really...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 17/03/2008

  9. If you go to AE ask them if you can use the gift card there. I think you can but, as soon as you go in the store ask if you can.

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 12/01/2008

  10. not on Australia Day

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 23/07/2011

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