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  1. Yeah, the kids birthday is in a week. I really hope he doesn't have to spend his birthday in their. BQ: It's not the guns. If people want to kill a large mass of people, they'll find a way to do it. My argument is if you're...

    4 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 02/02/2013

  2. ...person involved in this. The boy of course for being held hostage . I was relieved that the man didn't harm him. ...

    2 Answers · News & Events · 05/02/2013

  3. REALLY??? Who would have guessed that the loon who shoots a school bus driver and kidnaps a disabled kid.... and then goes back to his "Armageddon bunker" was a Reich wing, gun-toting, religious nut??

    12 Answers · Politics & Government · 31/01/2013

  4. Good question. I'm sure that no one thought of that before.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 04/02/2013

  5. Nope Benghazi was a complete and utter failure of the admin to support our people in their time of greatest need and the people in charge right up to Obama saw them die in real time on a live feed.

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 07/11/2012

  6. Shows he takes credit when good things happen and blames everyone else when bad things happen.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 29/10/2012

  7. ... killed or then there would be an armed standoff , so after 6 days the gunman didnt surrender but wasnt cant just go into a hostile situation with a gunman with a hostage guns a blazing. it may look stupid for ...

    9 Answers · Politics & Government · 05/02/2013

  8. personally, i think it could be mind control. other alleged coincidences are that they all had some kind of connection to a psychological program. on the other hand no one has ever thought to say that these people were doing ritual murders to worship the...

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 10/02/2013

  9. It's because, as you recognize, Obama treats terrorism as a law enforcement issue. Part of the reason why it took so long is because, since it was a "law enforcement" issue, the FBI was involved (oh please!) and in charge of the whole thing.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 28/10/2012

  10. They thought that Obama would meet with them, bow, and then give them what they wanted. Thank God for the teleprompter who said NO WAY...shoot them.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 15/04/2009

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