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  1. Perhaps if they’re going flying, maybe on holiday or something. It’s a bit of a weird one, I don’t think I’ve ever used it so this is only a guess

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 30/12/2018

  2. That sounds about right. It might also mean that the person lived in one area and then moved to the other one. In this case, I would assume that the person lives in SF, but is travelling throughout California. This...

    5 Answers · Travel · 02/01/2019

  3. ...face. =3=3=3 and ε=ε=ε= are sort of the human version of exhaust trail of airplanes .

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 03/07/2013

  4. Airplane , building, building, laughing crying emoji x4 says someone is happy, laughing, and making a mockery...

    7 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 31/07/2017

  5. ..., people, aliens, skulls, clock, houses, turds, airplanes , whales, etc etc etc… so if you emoji an iphone from a gs4, droid maxx, droid ultra, htc one, etc… they will see the emoji on...

    4 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 23/03/2014

  6. Many younger girls don't understand the word fetish and think it's a creepy thing, and probably don't take it serious. She must be good using her feet, since she picked up on it quickly. You probably don't need to read as much into it as you...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 10/12/2013

  7. Um... That's hard. My friend has a foot fetish and things got awkward so I just think you should maybe not tell her but if you liked it then tease her about it more and get her to do it again

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 13/12/2013

  8. She just guessed and turns out, she got you horny as hell. You have nothing to worry about, she just wanted to try something and it worked. You should feel good she got it down in a minute, next time she might do it till you cumm.......or just tease you...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 08/12/2013

  9. In India footjobs are very common. Guys like it when we wear tinkling anklets and toe rings on our feet and give them the job

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 13/12/2013

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