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  1. why not check with the airline? or is that not trendy enough?

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 13/07/2012

  2. I have a pretty cool idea that I'm going to create on a aircraft that will use some type of ability to always allow the pilot to at eye level. No matter if the plane is upside down or not, it will always be leveled for the pilot. Combine that with a stealth bomber, and I've...

    6 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 01/11/2010

  3. I've had an unpressurized Cessna 172 up to 13,000 feet without oxygen. The DC-4 did not have pressurization but it had bottled oxygen for some of the passengers (like children and the elderly) for flight above...

    6 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 31/10/2006

  4. The over-arching impact of aircraft is the ability to enable the shortening of the time/distance parameter. Before this craft, I or any object could only traverse certain distances - say, a distance of 1000 miles - over a period of a minimum of perhaps 24 to 48...

    7 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 05/04/2010

  5. Most aircraft skins are made primarily of aluminum, which is a very good conductor of electricity. By making sure that there are no gaps in this conductive path, the engineer can assure that most of the lightning current will...

    9 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 07/11/2008

  6. Because an object's speed relative to the Earth's surface. without writing a book about it in this forum read this article

    9 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 05/01/2009

  7. You can take all the pictures you want. There are certain times before during and after take-off as well as the approach you will not be able to use your camera. As soon it's ok to use portable electronic devices you can take all the pictures you want...

    6 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 28/12/2008

  8. Not all airplanes have GPS. We use a variety of navigation aids... along the way. I'll have GPS in the airplane. I don't anticipate any problems even though ...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 29/10/2008

  9. On pretty much every single fixed wing aircraft, when the elevator angles down, that will provide more lift to the tail and lift the tail of the aircraft up, which, as a result, will push the nose down. Likewise, if the aileron is angled upwards, it will spoil lift and push that wing down...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 22/04/2013

  10. some

    13 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 26/09/2006

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