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  1. West Virginia is made up of the 12 counties in Virginia that didn't want to secceed from the union during the civil war. Those 12 counties seceeded from Virginia and became their own state .

    1 Answers · Travel · 30/08/2010

  2. Home coming, damn there are a lot of Jay-Z fans on this thread

    9 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 02/11/2009

  3. When you type in the box where it asks what state you are in, move the cursor about 700 miles west .

    1 Answers · Yahoo Products · 12/02/2010

  4. OSU v USC would be a better match up... but neither will happen when Mizzou gets beat by Oklahoma... look vor OSU v WVA in the NC

    13 Answers · Sports · 28/11/2007

  5. ..., with the exception of Missouri which was a slave state . This line was fixed by Congress in the... by the Supreme Court in Scott v . Sanford (1857).

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 19/09/2006

  6. The site for the Supreme Court decision is below, please don't ask us to do your homework for you, read it and and answer the questions, you can do it and you will feel better for having done it.

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 10/08/2010

  7. ...go skiing and white water rafting every year and we have a great time. West Virginia is an incredibly beautiful state with a lot going for it. Of course ever state has it's "...

    1 Answers · Travel · 13/10/2010

  8. USSC Texas v . White (1869) - summary: The United States is an indestructible Union composed of indestructible states ...

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 07/11/2011

  9. w. v . is the samme as any place. at times, it can be very safe... probably no different then where you live currently. due to the states lack of money, violent acts are often magnified, but...

    1 Answers · Travel · 10/04/2010

  10. If you want a west coast hippie's paradise try Santa Cruz or North San Diego county Avoid L.A.

    4 Answers · Travel · 22/07/2010

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