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  1. OMG! Okay first of all, WoW's graphics may be a bit cartoonish, but the effects are... Jenkins! Oh and to answer the question (lol), WoW is awesome :)

    11 Answers · Games & Recreation · 08/01/2007

  2. It's not WoW that you're having a hard time join us. So again, your assessment of WoW players is "vastly off" to put it politely...

    10 Answers · Games & Recreation · 22/09/2011

  3. I like WoW (and it hasnt consumed my life...) I think that...grass or prettiness.. I'm such a girl) As far as WoW goes, to play your character well, it really does...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 23/05/2008

  4. WoW has been out longer and has many more players then PotC. I am a wow addict but when I heard of PotC online i tried it and...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 18/02/2008

  5. Bow Wow dated R&B Singer Ciara for about a year and..., "Says some critics. According to Bow Wow, the couple had split up because they wanted to do different things...

    13 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 13/04/2007

  6. i started playing wow august of 07, i had 3 80s and 4 70+, i was very excited about... back in tbc......about 3 weeks after cata came out i quit wow for good, i hated it, im not quite sure why but i just didnt like it at all...

    13 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 11/04/2011

  7. wow power leveling wow power leveling wow powerleveling wow powerleveling cheap wow powerleveling... powerleveling Badge of Justice pl WoW Badge of Justice WoW Badge of...

    4 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 25/03/2012

  8. Wow is easily more violent. There's gore in some parts of it. But WoW has weird graphics and things like blood... at age 12 and started playing WoW at age 14. On a side note, mooching off...

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 20/07/2009

  9. WoW honestly doesnt require that big of a video card. But if you'd really like to go extreme, well that depends.... But if it is your video card, dont spend over $200 if youre just going to play WoW. Its not that much of a high-end game. Save some money and buy yourself something nice.

    5 Answers · Computers & Internet · 29/09/2008

  10. Gameplay is quite similar to wow, except you have much more freedom in creating and ...bit, mainly because I simply got tired of WoW and no amount of expansions will ever rouse my...

    4 Answers · Games & Recreation · 20/06/2011

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