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  1. ... into minimizing uncertanity, but what is a sign of good management is the ability to adapt to uncertain situations and to be able to adjust...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 22/03/2007

  2. Maybe if you explained it just a little better, we might be able to help you ... is it supposed to be a theory about indecisiveness? A new psych theory, what?

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 09/10/2007

  3. I am uncertain of how your question will end. I am unable to provide a measured response.

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 04/04/2007

  4. ...general make up and composition of society. The social factors contribute to management because the society makes the framework an the organisations need to...

    1 Answers · Social Science · 17/04/2008

  5. Customer Relationship Management is a 21st century business strategy which engage customers and all...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 04/04/2009

  6. Risk management is a structured approach to managing uncertainty through, risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it, and mitigation...

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 30/03/2008

  7. As a range management scientist, I'd start with a good spliff, then fill the Range ...

    1 Answers · Environment · 19/02/2012

  8. ...[1] or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Risk management’s objective is to assure uncertainty does not deviate the endeavor from the business goals.[2]

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 19/03/2015

  9. identification, analysis and classification of uncertainties is known as risk management. classification will be generally acceptable risk,risks to be mitigated, risk to be transferred and risk to be avoided.

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 13/12/2009

  10. Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether positive or negative) followed by coordinated...

    2 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 02/04/2012

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