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  1. those are kakidas( the seven year bug) some do spend that much time in the dirt,those are those bugs you hear buzzing at night,quite harmless.

    4 Answers · Home & Garden · 29/07/2010

  2. ...39;t freeze where you live and the ground is soft, you probably could just pound it in. or dig down a foot or two with a...39;s structural) pour some concrete in the hole and set the post. Support...

    5 Answers · Home & Garden · 17/03/2007

  3. A large pot with holes in the bottom. Maybe you can get a biodegradable one so you can plant it in the ground when it gets big enough. Then you can just plant the whole pot and not disturb the roots.

    4 Answers · Home & Garden · 20/03/2007

  4. ...a guest to your home gets attacked and you knew about the danger you better hope they're really good friends. I think...

    4 Answers · Home & Garden · 28/07/2012

  5. avoided completely. And, using concrete to anchor posts in the ground is still the best method (IMHO) good luck

    10 Answers · Home & Garden · 21/03/2007

  6. a lot of your own work on building a pool. At least here in California. They will help you with plans, permits, and any portion of the job you can't or don't want to do. Like skilled concrete, plumbing...

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 06/10/2007

  7. ...hole. If it's just a hole in the ground it may be something else. Crayfish only make the mounds that look like...

    4 Answers · Home & Garden · 28/04/2007

  8. ...dig down to a layer called caliche ..for areas that do not have caliche in the layers they bring it in after the pond/stock tank is dug and have...

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 08/06/2008

  9. ...of Clorox, a shovel and a wheelbarrow with some dirt in it. Pour half the gallon in a hole, throw a shovel or two of dirt over it. Continue until all the holes...

    5 Answers · Home & Garden · 18/07/2012

  10. ...and release them elsewhere. Make sure you release them together in the same place. Try this article for a humane way of removing your...

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 09/09/2011

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    related to The Hole in the Ground
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