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  1. Try clearing your cookies. You should download CCleaner: it cleans temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history. "CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and...

    5 Answers · Computers & Internet · 24/06/2009

  2. Acute lymphocytic leukaemia can be diagnosed in 16-18 but if it occurs in this age group cure is more possible. Chemotherpay is a very specialist area and it is best to ask a doctor. However, from my knowledge I am aware...

    1 Answers · Health · 01/08/2009

  3. HELLO, IT IS YOUR E -STALKER!!!!!!!!! Ko5 you have awesome taste in music :) I would say A. xxxxx

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 22/01/2011

  4. Using VSEPR, the structure for the periodate anion, IO4- is tetrahedral. The resonance hybrid consists of 4 equivalent Lewis structures. Each possesses one I-O single bond with three lone pairs arround that...

    2 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 17/07/2008

  5. Why would you put two totally different birds in the same cage? O.o Get another parakeet. Parakeets are very social birds and she would love the company. You don't have to worry about them breeding if you get a male because in order for...

    2 Answers · Pets · 12/05/2010

  6. -What is the total number of valence electrons available in IO4-? 7 valence electrons on iodine 6 valence electrons on each of four oxygens, 24 more electrons 1 electron for the "-1" charge for a grand total of 32...

    2 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 16/07/2008

  7. I think the Recordings folder is for when you use a addon microphone that allows you to record your voice and save it on your iPod.

    4 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 10/04/2008

  8. Yes. Workers compensation laws have no exemption for how many hours you work. If you're actually asking about lost wages coverage, that would vary by state law, and in Louisiana, it's your average wages over the last four...

    3 Answers · Business & Finance · 26/07/2012

  9. Maybe he feels like he's not getting enough attention. I remember when my mom had my 2 younger sisters and completely shoved me off. Put a little time aside to let him know he's loved.

    1 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 07/03/2013

  10. why did u post this question in the std catagory????

    1 Answers · Health · 06/09/2007

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