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  1. MPH is a cool game. Espeically if you like FPS's. It's also on wi-fi so you can go against people all over. I recommend MPH!

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 29/04/2007

  2. The first game that comes to my mind (despite its age) is Daikatana. It's a FPS where you can level up and distribute skill points. You also have AI-controlled followers. Some people like...

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 20/09/2012

  3. Have you tried Battleground Europe: World War II Online? It's a great action FPS simulation of (you guessed it!) WW2. Planetside is another recommendation if you don't mind low...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 10/08/2010

  4. well most games are m rated but if u want a t rated or even 10+ u should at least try a racing game like i play mw3 and halo and battlefeild and i love need for speed games so hope i helped

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 26/06/2012

  5. Fear 3, Army of Two(series), Resident Evil 5 and 6, are very good ones

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 25/10/2012

  6. Yes. Almost every game utilizes this technique. That alone should give you your answer, so yes it can provide much better performance. It comes down to importance. PV models have a much higher importance because they are...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 13/12/2011

  7. At present, voice chat is nothing new to online, but has become more and more common in MMORPGs. Some awesome and with in-game voice chat system mmogs recommended for you. Lunia Chronicles

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 19/12/2012

  8. You can try these shooter games DDTank (YooGames) DDTank is a turn-based PvP shooter that combines a selection of hilarious weapons with a wealth of social...

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 28/11/2012

  9. DOOM is my fav

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 23/11/2012

  10. Get ready for a long list: Max payne 1/2, Star wars Jedi knight series, beyond good and evil, splinter cell, freedom fighters, Call of duty 1 and 2 (the originals, not MW), Deus Ex, Hitman Series...

    5 Answers · Games & Recreation · 06/10/2012

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