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  1. ...and vegetables can help detoxify our bodies. Foods of plant origin are chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and ...

    3 Answers · Health · 14/04/2012

  2. How about an experienced RN? THC is a stimulant and can raise your heart rate regardless of method of consumption...

    3 Answers · Health · 08/11/2011

  3. ...and get high, you were getting high on the dog pee. Millions of plants grow all over IA. It is a useless weed. The THC content was much lower in 1970's. It was about 4.5...

    4 Answers · Health · 02/10/2011

  4. ... me if you're smoking something that does not contain THC out of a pipe or papers that also do not have THC, and you trust ...

    2 Answers · Health · 12/06/2008

  5. They don't contain THC, that's why they are legal. You might get a slight buzz, but that would likely be from holding your breath, not the plant. Legal buds are a waste of money, you'd be better...

    4 Answers · Health · 17/04/2008

  6. there is not thc in the suckers hemp itself doesnt get you high goober its the THC in the plant its the way you grow it that makes you get high The suckers are just for taste

    8 Answers · Health · 18/04/2008

  7. ...just won't be as potent, due to the fact that THC production stops when the buds are pollinated. When you have plants that are growing outdoors it is very...

    1 Answers · Health · 05/11/2009

  8. hemp comes from a different part of the cannabis plant, only the flowering buds(marijuana) of the cannabis plant contain THC and are illegal. therefore, no there is nothign wrong with this, but I dont know if hemp smells too great!

    10 Answers · Health · 19/12/2006

  9. There is rumor of a plant called Ultimate Euphoria that has a THC content over 30% and lasts for up to 8 hours. THIS MIGHT BE THE NEW VERSION

    5 Answers · Health · 05/08/2009

  10. It would be like comparing pure THC to cannabis plant matter, or pure psilocybin to psilocybe mushrooms. One is a specific...

    2 Answers · Health · 17/09/2011

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