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  1. ...since the passage of the civil rights acts in the 1960s. Those states have high percentages of African Americans because they had a lot of slaves...

    18 Answers · Politics & Government · 06/11/2008

  2. ... was originally carved out of Maryland and Virginia (Virgina's... rationale for it not being in a State was to get all 13 states to ...

    10 Answers · Politics & Government · 20/03/2008

  3. ... in relevant ways to the history, topography or some other characteristic of the state. To use one of your examples, Pennsylvania, well...

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/06/2012

  4. ... than the "lower rated states". I'm not really sure how you consider conservative..., but ok I'd welcome a sociological experiment of a conservative America v. a liberal America...

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 17/01/2013

  5. ... weren't the only users of petroleum products. The state of Maryland is mainly Democrat and I see a lot of cars on the road...

    8 Answers · Politics & Government · 29/06/2010

  6. ...representation in the government before the district itself was carved from the states of Maryland and Virginia. Maybe because those people pay US taxes...

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 08/03/2009

  7. Actually, out-of-state tuition is three times the rate of in-state tuition and they shouldn't.

    8 Answers · Politics & Government · 13/05/2011

  8. ... have the death penalty.. the only other thing I see is that 8 of the 10 are red states while New Mexico and Maryland are blue... but I'm not sure if that's correct because I...

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 19/09/2013

  9. ...struggle that the federal government bore over property rights with the states of Maryland and Virginia. In those times, the nation was much ...

    21 Answers · Politics & Government · 17/12/2009

  10. its much cheaper to live in Mississippi then Baltimore Maryland. its also much much more dangerous to work as a police officer in Baltimore Maryland along with a higher workload.

    7 Answers · Politics & Government · 12/11/2008

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    related to State of Maryland
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