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  1. spotted shovel nose hybrid catfish tank (brown sand)

    6 Answers · Pets · 23/12/2012

  2. Try keep it simple but interesting fish , stung ray ,shark maybe penguins

    1 Answers · Pets · 15/05/2012

  3. astrea snails are a great addition to a tank, they clean as well as turbo's sounds great though

    2 Answers · Pets · 24/07/2011

  4. they don't dig like Mnunas so they won't care if you have sand for the eel you can keep your brown knifefish, they will live in pH up to 8 as do Rainbow fish and ...

    6 Answers · Pets · 23/07/2012

  5. Pics would help. Could be light colour

    2 Answers · Pets · 22/10/2012

  6. ... Irregular and abnormal photoperiods give the...

    1 Answers · Pets · 30/09/2012

  7. ... females are brown) Bottom dwelling fish... do best on a freshwater sand substrate (sand does also have maintanence... very active incredibly friendly fish ^_^v . Keeping these 3 types of...

    4 Answers · Pets · 18/02/2011

  8. ... to be standard pea gravel with a mix of colours (black, white, various browns) or maybe use a sand/pea gravel mix. Don't use those unnatural blue, yellow, pink etc gravel as it...

    6 Answers · Pets · 20/12/2007

  9. rock is still cycle because it still has brown spots and the rest is too white No dosing calcium?? No algae on the sand, glass, or equipment Your tank is too sterile and...

    4 Answers · Pets · 10/08/2009

  10. ... and flatter against the substrate (gravel or sand.) You may have to add a new fixture or get a ...filter to create a humid terrarium effect. If you want a low grasslike cover...

    1 Answers · Pets · 07/06/2013

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