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  1. ... with them built in. There's a Skyward Sword bundle that includes that wiimote, if there are any left in your...

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 12/12/2011

  2. ... games, so you could also try finding Four Swords or Wind Waker if you haven't played them.(...

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 06/07/2011

  3. Out of the 2 choices I'd say Heavenly Sword. But that's all moot since Metal Gear Solid 4 is out now.

    6 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 17/07/2008

  4. ... isn't on the Wii, Persia might just scratch your sword fighting itch.

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 26/02/2008

  5. SKyrim looks like a pretty good game, and it has good graphics, along with sword fighting and medival weaponry. It also has magic though.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 16/09/2012

  6. It's called Falchion, and it's made to slay dragons.

    3 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 15/08/2009

  7. Press and hold -, then point towards the shield. It will then be equipped and be on your back. To use it in battle, thrust the Nunchuck forward to defend yourself.

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 08/01/2012

  8. Zelda Dungeon has everything you need to know; it sure helped me.

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 23/01/2012

  9. it's just a piece of plastic, and many others would agree that it'd just get in the way of using the Wii remote's infa-red sensor for pointing at the screen... or chances you'll break something or wack someone... like it could happen! But I'd pick Zelda...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 07/04/2008

  10. I played through the game, including most side quests, in about 55 hours. It took my 11-year-old son about 110 hours with far less side-questing. So it all depends on your skill level. I've...

    4 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 27/12/2011

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