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  1. No, Steam doesn't buy games, and they only reimburse for games purchased through them and only within the first two hours of said purchase. 

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 31/12/2020

  2. It's not quite the same, but you might still enjoy Life is Strange.

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 13/12/2020

  3. GTA V can be a violent, fast-paced game, so maybe it's similar to the way some people punch things, scream into a pillow or watch sports as a kind of mental release of stress, tension and/or emotion? For a lot of people, playing video games in general is a way to zone...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 30/10/2020

  4. You give no clues on your hardware, so no guessing about that. The only suggestions possible are contact the people who do the games distribution for Microsnot and Steam .

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 06/02/2020

  5. .... I will note that the versions of the GTA series on Steam are UPDATED FOR COMPATIBILITY with modern ...

    6 Answers · Games & Recreation · 11/03/2020

  6. ... Store, which sells DRM-free games and Steam keys (depending on the game) individually. Yes, they're legit...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 29/08/2020

  7. ..., because there’s so many constantly being made. Each year steam has more games coming out and weirder ones...

    3 Answers · Games & Recreation · 15/09/2020

  8. any that have online, if it's not teakspeak then it's ventrillio, hamachi  or steam chat, or the one that i use discord....and some games have their own chat facility built in..

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 28/11/2020

  9. BUT i pulled a sneaky on my mom and bought a steam gift card off amazon.. then just put it into steam on my laptop, that also ...

    1 Answers · Games & Recreation · 16/10/2020

  10. and innovative games are usually indie games that turn up on Steam .

    2 Answers · Games & Recreation · 22/08/2020

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