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  1. I think ankle socks are sexy, or maybe the ones that go to your knees ...

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 24/12/2008

  2. This is gonna sound gross but sometimes I forget to change my socks. I've worn the same pair of socks for 3 days one time. I guess I don't care because..well they're socks.

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 08/05/2012

  3. ankle socks are th longest a man should wear... longer socks aren't very "attractive" as for the color that's for your own personal taste

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 16/12/2008

  4. Well duh! Rainbow socks, dots, stripes, neon colors, like orange and pink and bright blue with swirls and patterns! and mismatched! I love socks!!!! :D

    4 Answers · Beauty & Style · 08/01/2012

  5. I dont sleep with socks cause i can't, ive tried and i think its real uncomfortable i do...

    30 Answers · Beauty & Style · 21/01/2009

  6. I just started using shoes that require socks but I love when scrunchy socks are used in two colors...

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 20/01/2009

  7. Dude they are socks. Chances are, no one will ever know unless you share this info. If...

    4 Answers · Beauty & Style · 13/09/2011

  8. yeah, to be honest, converse can either go with no socks showing or the other extreme which is knee high socks. I...

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 05/03/2009

  9. I hate high socks, like the ones that come up to your mid lower leg or knee. ...that don't even come up to your ankle. I can really find my socks wherever, I'm an easy shopper when it comes to socks. I...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 14/05/2011

  10. lol. grinch pajama bottoms dude. :P

    4 Answers · Beauty & Style · 19/12/2011

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