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  1. .... Any improvements you make on the property are a gift to the heirs. Although... houses. One might have real value . You may owe utility bills from the prior...

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 24/01/2008

  2. ..., but if they let you put the properties in this kind of trust, you no ... (or anyone similar) what great value do you own that you do not want ...suggestion: since you already did the LLC thing, you are badly ...

    4 Answers · Business & Finance · 08/09/2009

  3. You should get the assistance of a real estate attorney and a tax advisor. ...of the sale, calculate the gain on the value of the house, and report the transaction to... ownership rights to the property , #2 or #3 or both could later claim...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 13/08/2013

  4. ... even if you could, the purchase of real estate is an investment, NOT...depreciation expense write-off of 1/27.5 of the value of the improvements, i.e. the... the home to the LLC would generate a taxable event on the sale...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 26/02/2011

  5. ...payoff could be done involving another piece of property . You shouldn t have a problem since it all with +25 yrs Title Officer Real Estate. The last thing you want to do...

    2 Answers · Business & Finance · 19/09/2008

  6. ... here’s the deal, domains are like real estate, and just like real estate it is the BUYERS responsibility to research the value of the property they are interested in. If someone wants to buy...

    4 Answers · Business & Finance · 27/09/2009

  7. If the total value of the property is over $12,000, the giver may have to pay a gift tax. The receiver may have to pay income taxes. Check with a tax advisor to be sure.

    3 Answers · Business & Finance · 26/04/2011

  8. ...especially true if your business will hold property , such as real estate, that's likely to increase in value ." Both S Corporations and LLC 's allow owners to avoid "...

    3 Answers · Business & Finance · 31/01/2008

  9. The reality would be somewhere in between. You'd need a decent down payment to put down, but not 100 percent of the value of the property .

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 11/06/2010

  10. Absolutely, will be able to assist you, just submit your contact infrormation. best of luck.

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 29/07/2007

  1. Ads
    related to: Real Value Properties, LLC
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