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  1. ...39;s not a rematch that intrigues many people. Next year, there are a few ... up. Brandon Vera v. Thiago Silva - UFC 125 - scheduled for ...

    8 Answers · Sports · 26/11/2010

  2. ... could kick twice to the same area faster then most people could kick once. I still haven't seen prove he's not just an actor.

    9 Answers · Sports · 13/08/2009

  3. ...the video is a originally a formalized drill. That a lot of people now see and practice it as an actual, applicable technique is irritating...

    6 Answers · Sports · 06/09/2010

  4. ...very competitive in school ages, (as well as 300 million people)...for every one great basketballer from Europe or .... -has beaten Wanderlei Silva. Rampage: -Has fought over 3...

    4 Answers · Sports · 27/05/2008

  5. i agree, he talks sh*t but in his last fight he just layed back and didnt fight,if he is as good as he thinks he is he should have won 1st round. i hope Griffin beats the crap out of him just to bring him back down to reality..

    5 Answers · Sports · 31/07/2009

  6. ... fight. Huerta was popular and people were calling for a title fight. But he...he will get his shot against the winner of Penn V Stevenson. I am curious why you didn...

    8 Answers · Sports · 19/12/2007

  7. ... Pettis, and Anderson Silva. some people are in denial of the truth tkd is effective...find the reverse as well.

    7 Answers · Sports · 13/06/2013

  8. I will list here who people and critics wanted to..., Jones, Wandy Silva, Vera, Boestch...-ups: Rampage v Griffin 2, Rampage...

    8 Answers · Sports · 22/02/2009

  9. ...'s the same thing for Rampage v Wanderlei Silva. Silva beat Rampage twice (with..... Fedor knocked out so many people by stomping their heads...

    11 Answers · Sports · 16/02/2011

  10. Gene Lebell,Bruce Lee,Rickson Gracie,Mike Tyson, Ed Parker,Machida, BJ Penn,Morihei Ueshiba. Best wishes :)***

    14 Answers · Sports · 06/12/2008

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