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  1. Impossible! India, having perfect knowledge of their power, will easily isolate, each of them and defeat individually!

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 18/10/2020

  2. Those who are brought up eating food with low-levels of bacteria develop a not-seriously-harmful bacteria (not the kind that kill) will develop a resistance to those bacteria. But even then, salmonella, e-coli, typhoid, cholera ... we do not develop a...

    3 Answers · Food & Drink · 17/10/2020

  3. Muslim Women in Muslim countries are Not allowe3d out alone they MUST have a man with them and walk 6 feet behind the man

    6 Answers · Society & Culture · 13/10/2020

  4. To Anon's point; they are more closely related to the native Turkish people in Antarctica than they are to the penguins. Populations migrate across geographies, so except for a few pockets of...

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 13/10/2020

  5. There’s an Islamabad but I never heard of an Islamagood. Just saying. 

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 13/10/2020

  6. ...full-blown war and side with China, North Korea, and Pakistan .

    4 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 13/10/2020

  7. India is a nice country with a rich history China is a nation of thieves and liars

    2 Answers · News & Events · 21/10/2020

  8. Basically it is because they like to be scandalized, Then they have something to talk about which can unite them against the wicked foreign invader. 

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 08/10/2020

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    related to: Pakistan
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