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  1. ... 16. Ella Enchanted 17. The Curse of Michael Myers This was fun! Even funner than the fast... And ...

    13 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 29/08/2009

  2. The appeal of "slashers" is that they are kind of clichè - the audience wants that, it adds to the entertainment value. Everyone knows there will be some thinly moral backstory to the super-killer, everyone knows only one or two people...

    6 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 27/09/2008

  3. For starters I would have the killer be someone that no one would ever suspect, not ever. In a lot of horror books that I've read the killer is usually the most obvious character: the loner, usually a man. Maybe you could have your killer be the exact opposite...

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 01/10/2008

  4. Of course they are, because you're using a formula that is cliched. It's like asking for a cookie made of feces that doesn't taste like poo.

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 27/09/2008

  5. ... Dairy Queen, Murdock Monster, Michael Dean Myers Tangerine, Edward Bloor Over the Wall...

    3 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 19/09/2007

  6. Of course! You just can't publish and make money off of it, seeing as it's been copyrighted.

    8 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 12/03/2014

  7. normally the professional authors would get permission to write anything related to a person or event that has personal relevance to prevent future law suits and possible huge losses of a publication ,countries where some people make a living from reasons to sue anyone...

    3 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 19/03/2013

  8. ..., try, Code Orange, Cooney Monster, Michael Dean Myers Forged by fire, Draper Thirteen Reasons Why...

    1 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 22/02/2009

  9. If the birthdate isn't important for some reason, then I'd leave it out. Having a killer born on Halloween sounds a bit like a plot device and rather scripted. Since Halloween (and therefore the birthday) won't be...

    2 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 19/09/2009

  10. u need to learn how to spell. and your have about a billion run-on sentances. go to a grammer class

    11 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 25/08/2009

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