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  1. Because they teach Herectical doctrines and thus were not deemed inspired by God.

    16 Answers · Society & Culture · 24/01/2011

  2. The Gospel of Phillip is not canon. Why would you address any sort of question / issue from a document that the Church has already rejected outright as truth?

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 29/12/2010

  3. ...she is the mother of the angels. And the companion of the [...] Mary Magdalene. [...] loved her more than all the disciples...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/09/2007

  4. I think you need to look into the history of these (and other) apocryphal works. Some of those works were known to the early Christians. They chose not to copy them and include them in their libraries, as...

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 05/07/2010

  5. You know, 2000 years from now, it will be called the "Gospel of Da Vinci" and a new religion will spring forth from this book of lies...

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 14/11/2006

  6. A lot of Gospels were not put into the Bible because they didn't fit in with the Christan beliefs. The Bible was put together by many men to fit their ways of believing how we got here...

    10 Answers · Society & Culture · 10/11/2010

  7. Most of the issues with including certain books into the Bible were questions of authorship. If a book, no matter what it said, was thought to be of dubious origin (by most people), then it was not included...

    10 Answers · Society & Culture · 02/10/2010

  8. You can read them on line, for free, here:

    10 Answers · Society & Culture · 11/12/2006

  9. My favorite commentary is "Lost Christianities" by Bart Ehrman. There's a companion volume called "Lost Scriptures" that gives all the translated texts...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 27/03/2008

  10. You have never kissed your mom on the mouth? No biggie!

    8 Answers · Society & Culture · 06/04/2008

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