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  1. I doubt it is the terminal, but go ahead and clean that. When it does not start are the headlights, blinkers, radio, etc working. If so then the car is getting power. Some additional detail might be needed...

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 28/02/2014

  2. another lame and incorrect answer from "Humveetech" ----- i can see how he got to level 7 now

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 20/07/2013

  3. If It Has The same 3.1 *th Digit On The VIN

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 14/10/2006

  4. Try swapping the injector and see if the issue moves along with it.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 22/07/2013

  5. Not sure what you are referring to, but try this link: Good Luck (Click on this Link)

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 22/06/2006

  6. Is this the one? the song is called Music for a Found Harmonium by a band called Penguin Cafe Orchestra

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 25/03/2008

  7. You will need a new intake and everything above. new wiring and a new computer. The easiest and cheapest way to do this would be to find a suitable donor car that has been wrecked and you can swap the parts you need from that car. if you can do this it will save you...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 19/04/2009

  8. No

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 10/02/2014

  9. The wire that feeds the electrical power froim the fuse to the servo motors that control the automatic locks could have gotten severed. Try running a jumper wire from the fuse to the other end of the said wire... should be in the master window switch. If the...

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 26/12/2011

  10. A throttle body injection to multi-port EFI conversion? Sure, it's possible. If you're lucky, the factory already has an intake you can find in a junkyard. If you're not, you may need to have the manifold machined to accept injectors and run a custom fuel rail...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 14/06/2009

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