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  1. I4 = inline 4 cylinder (basically 4 cyliner) MFI /MPI = multiport fuel injection (basically ALL cars are MFI ...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 25/03/2009

  2. The TBI will have one fuel line connected to the throttle body. The MFI (actually MultiPortInjection)will have a fuel line hooked up to a runner with an injector at each cylinder.

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 21/01/2010

  3. Forget the filter. It may or may not need changing, but won't keep the car from starting. Disconnect the battery for a few seconds then reconnect. Crank the engine for a full 45 seconds. This will generate a fault code for anything that will...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 29/08/2012

  4. There's always the option of cutting the hose then replacing it with a new one when you reinstall. Smaller daimeter hoses aren't expensive. You might also want to try one of the F150 forums on line, there's a wealth of info and helpful tips on...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 18/12/2013

  5. another lame and incorrect answer from "Humveetech" ----- i can see how he got to level 7 now

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 20/07/2013

  6. The wire that feeds the electrical power froim the fuse to the servo motors that control the automatic locks could have gotten severed. Try running a jumper wire from the fuse to the other end of the said wire... should be in the master window switch. If the...

    1 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 26/12/2011

  7. You will need a new intake and everything above. new wiring and a new computer. The easiest and cheapest way to do this would be to find a suitable donor car that has been wrecked and you can swap the parts you need from that car. if you can do this it will save you...

    2 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 19/04/2009

  8. scan the computer on it first before you start buying parts for it ,because there's many things that can cause that too happen,a bad coil or bad ground wire will cause this to happen to it,and also a bad ignition switch will do this and when you cut it off sometimes that eliminates the problem...

    5 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 06/08/2009

  9. Put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and see if it's giving the right pressure when it's cold. It could be the regulator. My Mustang had a bad fuel regulator that would sometimes act up on really cold days. The TFI(ignition module) or ignition coil could be...

    3 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 18/07/2011

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