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  1. I love that movie <3 Mercutio is soo cool his cross dressing scene was one of the best in the movie. I love how they speak and just everything about that movie. Wouldn't it be cool if the real world was like that, modern day and...

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 06/01/2012

  2. if u like girls then ur straight. if u like guys then ur gay. if u like both then ur bi.

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 25/12/2011

  3. ...rank them in order of who I thinks hotter instead. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio 2. Hugh Jackman 3. Will Smith 4. Daniel...

    4 Answers · Society & Culture · 09/12/2011

  4. No, I never think that ALL white people look the same with light hair and features. Only idiots would think like that. Have they not heard of genetic diversity? Some of them can have dark skin and features, such as several people from the...

    9 Answers · Society & Culture · 23/11/2011

  5. Listen darling, I m a gay girl but I have some male gay friends who are awesome! It's not true that all gays dress in drag nd stuff! My friends don't, everyday ppl consider them straight, you dnt need to have the 'look' or act gay...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/08/2012

  6. Not a chance...He looks like the rotisserie chicken I bought from Costco yesterday, he could have taken a LOT better care of himself.

    12 Answers · Society & Culture · 15/11/2011

  7. Some are cute, like Leonardo Dicaprio. But I prefer dark haired men.

    7 Answers · Society & Culture · 17/11/2011

  8. it's pretty common knowledge now... yes... and he was the first major HOMOPHOBE too...

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 11/11/2011

  9. I'm not gonna lie. I have a girl face, that's why I workout all the time to stay big. Girls like it, it's whatever.. My main chick has a beautiful face and we look good together Edit I use to be insecure about it.. but i'm no punk.. I don't think I would...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/11/2011

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