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  1. Any dog x another dog is not a breed of dog, it's a mutt. This is important to understand for more than one reason. Unfortunately, when you cross two breeds of dog it's very hard to say what the pups will look like because they receive traits from both...

    15 Answers · Pets · 27/02/2009

  2. For breeding? $00000000000000000000000 have her spayed

    6 Answers · Pets · 08/04/2009

  3. Unless it's a breed in development with the AKC, you can't.

    8 Answers · Pets · 11/07/2011

  4. AKC= reputable registry NKC= crap registry used by backyard breeders Your dog can compete in AKC agility if you enroll her under PAL/ILP, for more information look at the AKC site:

    2 Answers · Pets · 17/07/2009

  5. If the parents weren't registered you dog can't be registered. It would be possible, if the parents are still alive, to register them now. Then your dog could be registered too. This would be a bureaucratic...

    9 Answers · Pets · 11/03/2009

  6. The New Zealand Kennel Club recognizes them: As does the UKC in the US:

    2 Answers · Pets · 28/03/2015

  7. The only way to get papers on the litter is to register the female with the UKC and then register the pups with UKC. The AKC will only accept a litter registration when both parents are AKC registered. They will not...

    5 Answers · Pets · 12/02/2012

  8. No, neither UKC or AKC recognize UABR, however UKC does allow competition registration (HRC), and AKC does the same (ILP).

    10 Answers · Pets · 16/12/2006

  9. A.K.C. registry is just a registry. It tells you nothing about the quality...

    15 Answers · Pets · 10/08/2013

  10. ...behind driers, etc...) the dog probably can, too. Also, since a C.K.C's eyes stick out a bit further then some other breeds (and you may...

    4 Answers · Pets · 22/05/2008

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