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  1. What you eat does not matter for weight loss. How much you eat does. Its not healthy though.

    5 Answers · Health · 26/07/2019

  2. ... doesn't store very well. One of those is the vitamin K group, along with some but not all of the B complex, and vitamin C. ...

    3 Answers · Health · 22/08/2019

  3. ... are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

    2 Answers · Health · 23/04/2019

  4. ... as hypertension and should be checked out by a doctor. :) good lu k

    3 Answers · Health · 10/11/2019

  5. Figure out or find out what you are actually deficient in (which nutrients) and then either eat more foods that have that vitamin/mineral naturally OR consume a good quality supplement to get that nutrient. Your body will absorb nutrients MUCH better when you...

    2 Answers · Health · 04/02/2020

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