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  1. For a 50 year old woman? She looks great. I think it's just her hair/clothing that make her seem that much better looking nowadays verses on Seinfeld, but in any case, I would not complain in the least if my wife...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 25/05/2012

  2. I guess it's better than thinking that Paris Hilton is the ultimate female. I'll give you a prop.

    12 Answers · Social Science · 01/02/2008

  3. Because she isn't relevant much nowadays, even though I love her and think she is still gorgeous now.

    5 Answers · Social Science · 09/08/2011

  4. The New Adventures of Old Christine with Julia Louis Dreyfuss *Hapless* is a more accurate description of how many men and some...

    6 Answers · Social Science · 14/03/2013

  5. ... Rhea Tv comedians: Lisa Kudrow Julia Louis - Dreyfus Tracey Ullman Movie comedians: Jane ...

    3 Answers · Social Science · 16/05/2010

  6. good heavens! i am holding up my end! i employ my curling iron every morning, at great risk to myself, i might add (those things get Very Hot!)...just to put some body and curl into my otherwise straight hair!

    11 Answers · Social Science · 02/06/2012

  7. "I could see if it was a weight problem. means it was not the case, she'd understand if he ended it because she gained weight, hence why she does not understand it

    3 Answers · Social Science · 03/10/2014

  8. ...- Well I am not a female. But I love Julia - Louis Dreyfus . I think that she is one of the most fun loving, painfully adorable...

    11 Answers · Social Science · 01/05/2012

  9. No. Some initiation rites look like a porn shoot gone bad.

    5 Answers · Social Science · 27/06/2012

  10. ...tomei, naomi watts, charisma carpenter, gillian anderson, jennifer lopez, shannon elizabeth, julia louis - dreyfus , mary-louise parker, tea leoni, lauren graham, elizabeth hurley, lucy freaking lawless...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 03/09/2013

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