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  1. In my state we don't get free food. We get a 1.50 employee meal. I wouldn't advise dropping food. It goes in the thrash and you remake it.

    1 Answers · Dining Out · 22/06/2013

  2. Minimum wage, 1/1.50 per delivery plus tips

    5 Answers · Dining Out · 07/05/2013

  3. Most pizza places nowadays are charging a $1.50 delivery fee (approximately). I typically give them about a 10% tip. So...

    6 Answers · Dining Out · 10/08/2009

  4. ...of it. That $1.85 goes to Papa John's to pay for insurance on us, and other such ... also true, when drivers have been doing it for long enough they get to know addresses...

    17 Answers · Dining Out · 12/12/2008

  5. ... worked for didn't charge the costumer extra for it. But they did give a nice discount if you came in and got the pizza yourself...

    8 Answers · Dining Out · 10/10/2007

  6. its the driver's job so he's already getting paid for it. if their a charge , then there's no tip.

    15 Answers · Dining Out · 07/07/2007

  7. yeah I worked for Jet's Pizza and they charge $2.50 but they claim it's more for the insurance on the vehicles then anything... because they don't really give compensation for gas... which in my mind is kind of stupid... so I don't know if I agree with the gas...

    6 Answers · Dining Out · 13/01/2007

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