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  1. Jamarcus. He was a bust in the NFL but at least he was good at LSU where he had a lot of fans there. Kwame Brown is a scrub!

    4 Answers · Sports · 17/09/2010

  2. Brown... Russell has talent, lots of it, just is stuck on the worst-managed team in the NFL. If Russell played in Philly or Dallas, he'd be great!

    8 Answers · Sports · 12/10/2009

  3. Kwame Brown, he can't even catch a ball.

    8 Answers · Sports · 10/10/2009

  4. Is this really a question KONJ? Browns!

    9 Answers · Sports · 05/08/2009

  5. I do agree. If these two were in shape and not get lazy they would be good. But it is what it is.

    5 Answers · Sports · 03/03/2010

  6. They won't. Steelers maybe, another big dumb QB, at least Russell isn't a rapist, nor does he put himself in positions to be called one. If he can get a team that will light a fire under his a$$ and force him to work...

    7 Answers · Sports · 08/05/2010

  7. It's hard to least Kwame can kind of produce. I'd say Russell

    11 Answers · Sports · 24/06/2011

  8. The Raiders. Just wait, Al is gonna chew through the ropes Cable tied him up with and when he's loose he'll re-sign Russell and give him a big raise.

    23 Answers · Sports · 10/05/2010

  9. After J Russ throws for 100+ yards today you won't be making fun anymore.

    10 Answers · Sports · 04/10/2009

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