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  1. I like Abby Claire the best, Abby Kate is also nice. Abby Quinn Abby Eleanor Abby Jay Abby Kay Abby Janine Abby Marie...

    8 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 04/01/2013

  2. That's a pretty name. I knew a girl named Joelle. Joella is also pretty.

    5 Answers · Pregnancy & Parenting · 15/01/2011

  3. Asn many times as you want to! There is nothing wrong with masturbation! There are no ill effects. It is not against the law. It is not immoral. It is a perfectly normal healthy thing done by 98% of men...

    13 Answers · Health · 07/05/2007

  4. More like Sonja Henie and Liberace.

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 16/07/2008

  5. Yes She Did I Have Been Saying it was her All Along ! I Also Posted a Recap of Her if You or Anyone Would Like to...

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/06/2009

  6. I don't know either but she isn't as pretty as what everyone thinks she is. She takes her makeup off and has blotches and pimples and you can't even she her eyebrows. She is still married so...

    17 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 07/03/2008

  7. wow this would be a great deal specially for the mavs.. they should pursue this one, either of the teams will benefit here.. kidd, terry, josh smith, dirk, diop.. all the way to finals...go mavs

    2 Answers · Sports · 03/08/2008

  8. Oh I have that same version. I think that it's kind of funny and it's not the real version. Here' s the real version-

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 31/12/2008

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