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  1. Neither one of you are particularly good looking. Have fun with Rosie Palmer.

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 10/03/2010

  2. Look I know this is hard but the most importent thing to do is to get your friends back- talk to them and tell them that you are sorry and it won't happen again and you should have listened to them beause you really...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 16/11/2013

  3. you tell him the truth.. face your consequences.. eventually this guy contacting you gonna be noticed by boyfriend anyway

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 06/10/2015

  4. Okay he sounds intrested and nice and to hint include him in your future plans like have you seen the preview to that new movie and if his answer isn't yeah we should go together then he doesn't get the signs o and could you answer my question if you get the chance

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 19/12/2011

  5. Going together is a great idea. Its about being safe in the end you got to take care of you. I just saw an episode on AIDS its scary. If the person gets insulted is not worth your life. But if he really...

    15 Answers · Family & Relationships · 11/01/2009

  6. yes

    8 Answers · Family & Relationships · 13/01/2011

  7. to be honest i like short hair on guys, it looks tamed and clean. when they have it outgrown it looks like they dont care about themselves. the only exeption would be if you can seriously pull off the "bieber hair cut" or " harry styles hair. goodluck!

    8 Answers · Family & Relationships · 25/04/2012

  8. its not clear from this conversation... Has he been talking to you about prom before this? Is your relationship normally flirty? If so to either of these questions than it is likely that he'll ask you. help me?

    18 Answers · Family & Relationships · 19/01/2011

  9. Go and talk to him in person. Tell him how you feel so he can see that you are serious!

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 10/07/2013

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