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  1. ... cable crosses pulleys at the joint between main boom and jib and at the left end of the jib. Allows for a fairly good range of ...

    1 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 16/09/2014

  2. Not without any masses or dimensions. Somewhere right of the column and beneath the jib.

    1 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 09/04/2014

  3. I caution you with home made bungees. The reason is the tension you plan on putting on them, and the need for constant "inspection." The reason I have always disliked bungee, opposed to just a braided nylon cord and a...

    1 Answers · Sports · 21/01/2014

  4. Bewbies. You missed Jelly and blancmange.

    16 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 23/01/2014

  5. ... enjoy receiving copies of photo's or newsy letters. Jib Jab E-cards are funny........ but , I miss good ol...

    21 Answers · Society & Culture · 28/12/2013

  6. ...should know that by now ) 2nd of all it really depends on your jib some 14 year ild dont have any jobs and if you deposit your money in...

    3 Answers · Yahoo Products · 13/10/2013

  7. ... is only good news for the sailmakers . The word Jib has now come to mean any triangular sail set in front of the mast , but this...

    8 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 05/10/2013

  8. It means that your investment value is concentrated in one or a small number of stocks so that one company going bad could hurt you a lot. The opposite of concentrated is diversified which means that...

    1 Answers · Business & Finance · 11/06/2013

  9. whats really on their minds then comes out coz alcohol inhibits ones ability to disguise ones feelings as theyd normally do when sober oughta a sense of proper behavior or such ! ofcourse again he could be saying stuff when drunk that he doesn't...

    4 Answers · Food & Drink · 10/12/2013

  10. answer: Jews have always believed in absolute justice. One of the 7 laws for non-Jews to be considered righteous is to set up a just legal system. You are right, in Christianity there is no real atonement to the...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 25/05/2013

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