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  1. ...quot; Then I heard these terms which reference the word service: Internal Revenue Service Postal Service Telephone Service...

    11 Answers · Politics & Government · 26/03/2010

  2. Sounds to me like "Smells like Screen Names" is unaware that the states already have a form of an IRS. These states are already collecting state income taxes as well as sales tax...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 30/04/2011

  3. No. Because the arms of the Internal Revenue Service can still reach me there.

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 21/12/2009

  4. Define which part of the "Government" would be preventing this from happening? The IRS exists solely as a division of the Department of Taxation. This is not the department that controls the...

    10 Answers · Politics & Government · 06/02/2008

  5. ... used. In 1994 The Clintons paid the Internal Revenue Service and the Arkansas state government $14,615 in back taxes and interest, after...

    9 Answers · Politics & Government · 04/02/2009

  6. ... was referring to taxes as they pertain to the Internal Revenue Service. He was not talking about taxes on personal items...

    12 Answers · Politics & Government · 02/10/2009

  7. ...year available), $706 billion of small business income was reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Interestingly, two-thirds of this income was reported...

    9 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/10/2008

  8. ...multiple countries. In the United States ("US") the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") grants a foreign tax credit to a taxpayer if the US taxpayer...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/11/2008

  9. So to Cantakerous, you think the solution to a company charging too much is to apply a tax? I'm sure they'll just eat the costs and we won't see ours go up.

    2 Answers · Politics & Government · 10/12/2012

  10. live in an area where you can choose different phone carries or waste management service, kiss that good bye. And here is the sad fact, I have never...

    24 Answers · Politics & Government · 18/03/2009

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