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  1. I have seen what seems to be mascara, but is actually hair dye with small applicators in all sorts of crazy colors. They come out with one wash.

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 02/08/2011

  2. Is the brown dye you're using an ash color? Ash colors usually contain a green undertone. Since your hair was bleached, it could be...

    2 Answers · Beauty & Style · 01/07/2014

  3. Yeah, you will need to re-dye it. because when your blonde.. and you want to go brown...but easily fixed with some colour, it might get like a green tinge.. but you shouldnt be able to notice it, until the colour...

    3 Answers · Beauty & Style · 13/01/2009

  4. ... eyes pop. You wanna know why your eyes pop in the snow? It's because white brings out the green. I advise you to wear white shirts.Gray shirts also do...

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 04/12/2010

  5. it wont turn it green. as long as you wash your hair after getting out of the pool. but if you're really skeptical, dont take the risk. hope this helped!

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 07/07/2008

  6. ...chemistry meets biology: We're talking hair coloring...for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color ...this was a result of left over color in the sink bowl. I tried bleach...

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 06/09/2012

  7. chlorine and bleached or porous hair will turn green. no you dont have to re-apply the conditioner. it has absorbed into the cuticle of your hair.

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 23/07/2008

  8. dye-fading abilities. It should help get rid of the nasty green tint, and leave behind your desired brown. It might not...

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 07/01/2014

  9. & search the brand if you don't have the box) they're the hair color experts they can advice you best... penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon...

    5 Answers · Beauty & Style · 29/02/2012

  10. ...still keeping a darker color you shouldnt have a problem re-dying your hair, just make sure you dont choose an ash... even professional hair stylists cannot remove green color from hair in one treatment.

    6 Answers · Beauty & Style · 14/03/2008

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