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  1. ... than fabric, but they're biodegradable and therefore much better... self-seeding perennial flowers to proliferate. Personally, ...loam to grow your flowers in.

    9 Answers · Home & Garden · 29/04/2010

  2. a flower on your right side means you're single, and a flower on your left means you're married or taken!! :) i wear it on the right;)

    1 Answers · Beauty & Style · 27/03/2008

  3. ...flat, then you most likely have those. They are common ground cover in shaded areas, and can be mostly purple, mostly white, or any combination in...

    1 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 18/04/2013

  4. I think it should be fine, as long as you're not taking liquids onboard such as a vase. Keep the flowers in water as long as possible before your flight, and then wrap the stems with...

    2 Answers · Travel · 14/01/2014

  5. ...! You have a lot of pretty flowers listed already. From the...which are tall and short (so you're not planting the tall things right in front of the short ones and ...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 24/08/2009

  6. ... this is one of the climbing group's flowers, and there are hundreds, possibly thousands of different varieties of these. They're fairly easy to grow and mainly need cool, moist root runs for good growth. ...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 25/06/2010

  7. Fall-blooming perennials are asters, goldenrod, joe pye weed, ironweed, and mums. (Not all mums will come back every year, depends on the variety, and where you live). Asters are my favorites because they...

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 10/08/2011

  8. ...nursery sell will be something that will grow in your area. I have weigelia... of bulbs for winter/spring flowers; Trees that I have ... & oaks. We're probaby within 100 miles of each...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 12/11/2006

  9. .... Lastly, any spring flowering bulbs MUST be planted in the fall. They need to overwinter in... to a good frost or all you're going to get is leaves...

    9 Answers · Home & Garden · 18/11/2006

  10. If you're in Melbourne you could go to Casa Iberica in . Psst - it's "flour" and you could try asking in Food & Drink.

    2 Answers · Home & Garden · 16/08/2012

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