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  1. ...season, in gardens, beside roadways, in lawns, forests, fields, ... you meant a particular KIND of flower, say what you're looking for, and we can tell you when and where...

    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 25/02/2012

  2. They're native to your area. There's a map on wikipedia that shows the area of the country where they grow naturally.

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 26/10/2011

  3. ...what planting zone you're in, but a lot of people are ...same thing right now. They're one of those plants that, when... of green growth and very little flowering growth. If you been ...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 12/07/2011

  4. ...greenery instead with just a small amount of flower, I'd plant hostas...the leaves. They come in all sizes, from about 6" to...shade the better. They're also perennials, so you don'...

    7 Answers · Home & Garden · 06/04/2009

  5. ... that interesting - and these would be small plants, as they're not sold as cut flowers. Stocks may be in stores now, but it'll be pot luck whether there are purples...

    5 Answers · Home & Garden · 28/03/2010

  6. ...that will enrich your soil. You're seeing the fungus' flower.. they bloom when it's warm and moist.. springtime. you can take a shovel and scrape off the bloom (put it in a bag and throw it in the trash) or just let it run...

    9 Answers · Home & Garden · 31/05/2007


    1 Answers · Home & Garden · 01/01/2014

  8. ...and dahlias for cutting flowers. With proper mulching...and will actually survive the winter and re-grow the following spring. well as for outside, and they come in a variety of yellows and ...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 19/04/2009

  9. ...right do you have to throw away something which is not yours? What in the world could "gross you out" about a rose-bud? If, as already...

    3 Answers · Home & Garden · 23/02/2010

  10. Fear not ladies, your answer is in where you got your advice!! Perennials are "everlasting... bed to meet the need of your plantings. Make it rich in nutrients and drainage. Add your lime or bonemeal if ...

    4 Answers · Home & Garden · 25/03/2007

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