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  1. ... in a couple of science fairs like this one isef / and won or was runner up, and they went to summer camps...

    3 Answers · Education & Reference · 29/04/2013

  2. .pdf files are opened by the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Hope that helps.

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 07/10/2010

  3. Take a look at this site, it may help you in your search. isef /

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 28/08/2009

  4. How about either improving on or inventing or simply demonstrating water retrieval systems in 3rd world countries. One way is to attach a pump to a child's merry go round that you push and the play and turning of it makes the...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 26/08/2011

  5. 50 cent - club ... something like that.but it is 50 cent

    3 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 26/05/2010

  6. well depends on the judges and i have been in a science fair for 5th grade and is now in 6th grade

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 27/11/2011

  7. See the best answer at the first reference. For someone who takes the science fair seriously, see the second reference. Yes the idea should be original. But you can learn what a science fair is all about, and see examples of good ones.

    3 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 10/05/2014

  8. Well, I did my PhD at Penn and taught there. I also attended another Ivy school, and my husband worked for a third. I think I can offer you some useful information. First, test...

    1 Answers · Education & Reference · 14/09/2014

  9. Definitely apply. Although their acceptance rate is pretty low (somewhere around a 7%, I believe?) you've got the grades and extracurricular activities to make it. If I were a college admissions officer at...

    2 Answers · Education & Reference · 04/11/2014

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