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  1. ...some snow and some ice", which seems to make sense. NOTE: " Il y a" translates into English as either "there is...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 09/01/2010

  2. ... you need the D. Cards then don't trade. If you need il Blud then do. Other than that I'd say it's a fair...

    6 Answers · Games & Recreation · 16/01/2008

  3. ...renseignant sur la culture française. Je suis certain qu' il soit heureux d'être en France. Veuillez agréer...

    5 Answers · Travel · 01/10/2006

  4. ...they closely follow the beliefs of KJI and his father Kim Il -Sung, there would only be minor changes in the country.

    6 Answers · Travel · 11/12/2010

  5. En général ça se voit ou se sent Mais dans certaines situations il faut insister parce que parfois....... mieux vaut ne pas s'exprimer

    3 Answers · Dining Out · 16/01/2015

  6. That would be something that Transport Canada could answer. Those aircraft do not have much of a range. You would not make it from Vancouver to Toronto. Currently, none of the air carriers that use them fly to a...

    5 Answers · Travel · 05/01/2014

  7. ...quot; and "Coniglio" means "Rabbit". " IL " and "LA" are just the masculine and feminine versions...

    3 Answers · Society & Culture · 28/01/2014

  8. Here s a link to find info on the film Il _postino Good luck on your homework assignment!

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/11/2008

  9. The English version.  ‎Here they found another thing to do?‎  ‎sweat the qurists, since this morning they present the pages in English, must click right and "translate" every time.‎  ‎How not to think they want us to leave 

    3 Answers · News & Events · 11/06/2020

  10. I doubt the criminal level of abandonment or neglect has been reached. She left the kids with the father. That doesn't mean that at the civil level it can't be used as a cause for change of custody.

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 08/02/2010

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