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  1. Our laws are set up such that the federal govt. can't do law enforcement, except for federal laws.  If a major or governor asks for federal help, they can help.  Otherwise they have to stay out.  They also can't use the military for...

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 12/10/2020

  2. I feel the same about Illinois and Chicago. At least in Illinois, if there was an actual state of South Illinois (anything below I-80), it would be red.

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 11/10/2020

  3. I think one of those mental health social workers not the police should have been involved in your case.

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 06/10/2020

  4. Yes, Eric will be your next forever president

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 08/10/2020

  5. One question per post, please. wire/ F = IL x B where F (force), I (current) and B (magnetic field) ...

    1 Answers · Science & Mathematics · 01/10/2020

  6. ... Agreement” link on the following webpage: il /English/documents-e.htm How did the ...

    3 Answers · Travel · 25/09/2020

  7. I like beside a biscuit factory so il be heading there....unless it's full of zombies. Then I'm Fu**ed and I don't have a plan b yet

    2 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 25/09/2020

  8. Well that’s quite an assumption there. Do you mean real education or the liberal indoctrination that is widespread in our educational system today??  “Book learning” does not teach common sense or the ability to reason,  as many so called educated...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 21/09/2020

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