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  1. yeah sounds like you almost done.

    1 Answers · Health · 14/08/2015

  2. Ik a guy that has fetish to a girl crying specially on their period. He said only if he didn't make the girl cry tho:)

    1 Answers · Health · 20/02/2016

  3. ...period I thought it was poop too it was so brown and gross! ik it's super nasty but that's your period :p. tomorrow or later...

    3 Answers · Health · 18/07/2015

  4. I have never bled in the shower while on my period. Even if you do, it goes right down the drain. When you dry off, lightly dab down there, and if you get some blood, don't worry. When you're done, grab your underwear and pad. Open the pad and stick it onto...

    9 Answers · Health · 16/07/2015

  5. The way to get around it is remember that you don't have to do what a doctor says. If they tell you to take of clothing you don't want to say no, and say I am unwilling to have that area examined, please can you offer me another test.

    2 Answers · Health · 12/07/2015

  6. Well u say that now but u will probably be regretting it later I'm 14 and I started pretty early and I didn't even know what it was when I first got it . If your getting all the symptoms that...

    3 Answers · Health · 11/07/2015

  7. Yes, it sounds like hormonal imbalance.

    1 Answers · Health · 08/07/2015

  8. This is a case where one would normally wear a tampon. If you are not comfortable wearing a tampon, then you really need to wear a pad so you don't get blood all over your nice swimsuit. Since you are wearing shorts over the suit, I would go ahead...

    4 Answers · Health · 01/07/2015

  9. Life on the Inside If you can put your finger inside your vagina, towards your belly, not your back, you may or may not feel a spongy length of tissue that is a bit like the roof of your mouth in texture (if you have short fingers, you may not be able to...

    1 Answers · Health · 21/06/2015

  10. I doubt you're pregnant. But regretting your choice doesn't reverse what you've done. Just be more careful next time. Always use a condom if you wanna avoid pregnancy or get on the pill. I think you just need to wait. Like I said...

    2 Answers · Health · 06/06/2015

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